IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2010-10-31

prologicoh btw00:02
prologicdid you install gnome ?00:02
prologicor parts of it ?00:02
jaegerparts of it, I left the rest alone as you said you were going to work on that when you went to the server00:04
jaegersorry if I misunderstood00:04
prologicno no all good :)00:04
prologicjust checking00:04
jaegerok :)00:04
prologicI haven't got to that yet00:04
prologictrying to get my head around openldap00:04
prologictrying to find a decent gui client/admin tool too00:05
jaegerthat can be tough, I confused the hell out of myself with it years ago00:05
jaegernow I have to deal with AD instead00:05
prologicwell if you know of any good linux openldap admin/client gui tools lemme know :)00:07
prologicapache directory studio is written atop ellcipse00:07
prologicso not appleaing at all00:07
prologicluma seems nice00:08
prologicwritten in python, pluggable and using the qt library00:08
prologick gotta go :)00:09
prologicthanks again :)00:09
jaegersorry, was folding laundry00:11
jaegerluma does look decent00:14
prologicI found another taht's even better I think04:53
prologicthere is phpldapadmin ofc04:54
prologicit's comphrehensive04:54
prologicbut it's not for the novice user or admin04:54
prologicLDAP Account Manager (LAM) though is04:54
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