IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-11-02

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juetilman: got a footprint error with xkeyboard-config ->
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frinnstalso got the same footprint06:33
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tilmanhuh, weird12:59
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frinnstthoughts on make 3.82?15:53
frinnstseems firefox 4 wont play nice with 3.8115:54
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juefrinnst: 3.82 introduces a lot of incompatible changes and breaks other stuff; sorry, dunno remember what exactly, but glibc comes to my mind, not sure if it was a older version though17:34
juemaybe we should try to build our iso with it ;)17:39
juebtw if we are there, tar 1.24 is completely broken and latest autoconf creates a lot of ugly warnings with nearly anything17:44
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frinnstglibc builds atleast18:39
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