IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2010-11-07

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juefrinnst: I've spent some time today to look at make 3.82, u05:46
juegentoo has a collecting bug for that issue ->
jueaccording to this core/procps, opt/gstreamer and some contrib ports are affected05:48
jueI've fixed procps and because we need a patch anyway tried to do some clean-up05:50
juefrinnst: could you please try the procps port from my private repo, should build on x86_64 without modifications05:52
frinnstbuilt fine06:12
juefrinnst: thx06:14
juefrinnst: new traceroute as well?06:26
juesorry, that's already in the normal ports-tree06:33
jueI saw that traceroute is in core-x86_6406:35
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frinnstcheers for the core updates, jue :)13:15
frinnsttwo more ports made redundant \o/13:16
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