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acruxpitillo: the point is that you (as crux-arm team) can get some hw for free if you ensure continuity results08:29
acruxgenesi sponsored cruxppc (with some hw) and crux ppc still support genesi powerpc machines08:30
jaegerjue: I'm still planning to move clb back to eggdrop at some point, just haven't gotten to it08:30
acruxjaeger: it seems that xz-beta sources archive are no more available to download08:36
acruxon cruxppc i just moved to 5.0.0 with the dirty symbolic link hack08:37
acruxtilman: xf86-video-fbdev and i've my desktop colors totally08:45
acruxwrong. Maybe this color shift it's caused by the big endian08:45
acruxtilman: xf86-video-fbdev and xf86-video-mga on power architecture are with colors totally wrong08:46
acrux(i guess this color shift it's caused by the big endian arch)08:47
acruxdo you know where to look to fix this problem?08:47
acruxi'm totally ignorant about that :/08:48
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acruxcan someone add Namibian's mirror in the dowload page?09:53
jueacrux: done10:05
acruxthanks, 'cause he wrote to me (as they added cruxppc too)10:06
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pitilloacrux: really interesting. We'll check it soon. Thank you very much for the info12:08
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tilmanacrux: i don't know of a magical 'make BE work' switch12:29
tilmanacrux: it's a bit surprising that mga is broken on BE though. mga was maintained by ian romanick for years, and he used to work for IBM... who used mga in their power systems12:29
acruxthat's right. I was surprised too when i saw broken colors on a power5 with gxt135p (formerly a matrox g450 pci)12:48
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