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juesepen: no no no !05:22
jueplease revert the last commit to opt05:23
sepensame for contrib?05:23
jueno, contrib is ok05:23
sepenjue: I don't have any sfg line in my etc/hosts and most sources worked fine here05:23
sepenand I applied the same modifications in opt05:24
jueI've updated the opt ports some time ago  with the correct URL's05:24
juewith correct I mean a URL without a redirect05:24
sependownload. ?05:24
jueoh, mom05:25
sepenI replaced that: -->
jueI was a bit too fast, now I see what you've done05:26
sepenwell I tried various styles and worked fine05:27
sepenjue: so finally its ok?05:27
juewell, if you look at dig you'll see that download is just a CNAME to downloads05:28
sepenin this case, the changeset is not bad if just we want to be homogeneus with sourceforge links05:29
sepenI'd like to have only 1 homogeneus way for some common sources (freshmeat, sourceforge, launchpad, etc. etc.)05:30
sepenonce a month or so, a new guy file a ticket related to sfg mirrors05:30
juesepen: ok05:42
sepenjue: in your opinion would be better to use 'downloads' instead a CNAME?05:44
juesepen: you mean ticket #669?05:44
sepenhmm not specially, but see one that was closed #58505:46
juesepen: IIRC that was the reason for me to use downloads, but in the end both works, it's ok so05:47
sepenjust I wanted to find an homogeneus way, not sure if my changeset is the best after see the CNAME comments05:47
sepenjue: it's easy to do a massive replacement again05:48
sepenor revert my last changeset and do it again better05:48
sepenjust I see that frinnst used this 'download.' way, thats all05:49
sepenwell, in core.git we're using '' and also ''05:52
juewell, the URL is a bit shorter now (without the project in it) so I'd suggest to keep it as it is now05:52
juewhich port uses the second one?05:53
sepenhdparm and openrdate05:53
juehehe, no05:54
jueit's only the URL in the header05:54
sepenahhh, yes, my bad05:55
sepenbad grep usage here ;D05:55
sepenjue: do you like to don't use the cname way?
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sepenno, this way didn't work here05:59
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juesepen: sorry, got disconnected but read the log06:21
juesepen: btw, you've seen that the changes I've done to core/opt sourceforge ports was more than a s/dl/downloads/ ?06:22
juemy idea was to avoid all redirection, because that's something sourceforge coul06:29
sepenand that sounds ok to me06:29
juecould change often06:29
sepenone sec, I need a coffe06:29
jueif you look at the final URL you will something like http://<mirror>/project/....06:30
juefor example for msmtp06:31
jueand something like
juegot redirecrd to
juewith a  -> 301 Moved Permanently06:34
jueso, at the end of the day, everything will result in a + something that might be different for every project06:38
sependid you see my last paste? this one
jueyeah, but what does it mean ?06:49
jueah, not I see06:49
juethat dosn't work as I said above06:50
juebecause of the something that might be different for every  project06:50
juesorry, my pastes are confusing06:51
juethe part behind ->
juemight be different for every project06:51
sepenyep, it seems so06:52
jueit took me quite some time to identify that for all core/opt ports06:52
sependefinitively sourceforge mirroring sucks ;D06:53
jueyeah, indeed06:53
sepenI doubt that Romster's patch to use the meta mirror:// worked fine06:53
jueparticulary if they change things06:53
juewell, finally I tend to ask for a revert of your opt commit ;)06:55
sepenand we'll wait to see how contrib people report things06:56
jueyeah, think so06:56
juesepen: thanks06:57
sepenjue: one more thing, what we should do with non-maintained ports?06:58
sepeniirc we talked about that06:58
sepenand also we should reassing every ticket in flyspray06:58
jueyeah, the unmaintained thing it's big issue06:59
sepenI can see some tickets assigned to Lucas or Antti, etc.06:59
sepenjue: imho we should do the effort to plan a new irc-meeting07:00
sepenit would be fine to share opinions with you (jue, tilman, and opt'ers)07:00
sepenI'm too busy nowadays, but that should optimize our time at irc07:01
juehmm, IMO we should start a discussion in crux-devel first, to collect ideas etc.07:01
sepentrue, +107:01
juewould you mind starting the thread?07:02
sepenI'll try at night, here I'm still at office07:02
juegreat, thank you :)07:02
sepennah, to you too :D07:02
sepenbbl then07:02
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