IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2010-11-13

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juetilman: sorry to bother again, but seems that we have still a problem with the xfce repo02:29
tilmanwhat's wrong?02:31
tilmanoh, git export02:31
tilmanis there an error message when you/sepen run 'git push'?02:31
juemom, I've to clone the repo first02:32
juetilman: I've tried a simple 'ports -u xfce' and got a empty directory02:36
tilmando you have write access to the repo?02:38
juetilman: yeah, think so02:38
tilmanif so, can you push something to it and watch for errors?02:38
juehmm, no error message02:40
jueah, now it works02:40
tilmanhaha, maybe his was the first commit after i fixed the problem?02:41
jueyeah, might be ;)02:41
tilmangotta run02:43
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