IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2010-11-17

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jaegerlooks like we're behind a gtk and glib release13:47
tilmanjaeger: mmh. afaict glib 2.24.2 is the current one14:25
tilmanam i missing something?14:26 says gtk 2.22 and glib 2.2614:26
jaegerunder "stable release" on the download page14:26
tilmangaaaaah, wtf14:26
tilmanoh, minor versions14:27
tilmanjaeger: thanks :)14:27
jaegeryeah, sorry, didn't mean a major release. I should have been more clear, I guess14:27
tilmani just assumed i would have noticed new minor releases ;)14:28
jaegerfair enough14:28
tilmannew glib seems to have an optional dep on dbus :|14:33
tilmanthat will make the update harder ;)14:33
jaegerlovely :/14:37
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