IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-11-29

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sepenI wrote a patch for our portdb to list files in core/opt/xorg/contrib repos:
sepenI was in mind to create a complete stuff for rsync based repos which have an http url too (like mine), but at least for now this tiny patch worked for localrepos in, what do you think?07:34
juesepen: hi07:37
sepenhello jue, I'll try your udev's stuff later at home07:38
juethanks, would be good to have some more feedback before we commit07:40
juewrt prtdb: that's great, I've always missed the links to Pkgfile etc. :)07:43
sepenat least a patch for now its easy:
jueI'd say go for it07:45
sepenbut I think we could alter the portdb.db to have another column for rsync repos which also have an http url07:45
sepenmaybe in the future07:45
juebtw, you've seen that tilman fixed the repo-to-rsync thing for xfce lately?07:47
sepenyeah, I saw it in the backlog07:48
sepenhehe and something misterious07:49
sepenI'm in groups contrib, opt and xfce07:49
sepenbut you can't see the same in /etc/groups07:50
juehmm, you are in opt and xfce but not in contrib07:53
sepenyeah, but my gid is 101(contrib)07:53
sepenmaybe runnig $ sudo vipw -s?07:56
sepen*err, vigr07:56
sepensee ya'08:08
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