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frinnstim going to push firefox without dbus today. should i bump the version? i know lots of ppl hate rebuilding it :)07:18
frinnstthough i do enjoy the hate i recieve07:18
frinnstso yes, i'll bump it07:19
teK_I hate rebuilding qt4 or webkit07:19
teK_firefox is FAST compared to them07:19
frinnsttilman: gtk depends on xorg-libxcomposite ?07:35
frinnstcould somebody please fix the xz source-link?08:03
frinnstffs, git still pushed the fucking tarballs?08:07
frinnsti suck08:07
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jaegereveryone sucks sometimes when it comes to git, it seems :)08:21
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juefrinnst: I prefer to do the update to 5.0.0, but for that I've to wait for tilman because of the needed libarchive rebuild09:43
juebut sure, I can upload the old sources to and fix the port for now09:44
pitilloit could be great jue, in that way you avoid users to do it by hand (at least until the previous point will be discussed)09:47
frinnstive placed the old tarball in
juedone, the tarball is now in files/distfiles09:53
pitillogreat, thank you jue09:53
juenp, thanks for the reminder09:54
juedidn't expect that it will take so long to do the final update09:56
jueI'd like to do the udev update today or tomorrow, any objections?10:12
pitillosorry, here I haven't made any test10:14
juefrinnst: you forgot to adjust the 'Depends on:' header10:16
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juetilman: 17:12 < jue> I'd like to do the udev update today or tomorrow, any objections?14:58
jaegernone here, for what that's worth :)15:03
tilmana) i really meant to get back to you about the udev patches :((15:04
tilmanb) i've been running your latest udev port since .. thursday at least i think15:04
tilmanw/o issues15:04
tilmanso i'd say it's good to go15:05
juejaeger: you're running the port from my repo?15:05
juetilman: ok, will do the update tomorrow15:05
jaegerjue: I tested it in a VM without any trouble, I don't really expect any with other hardware15:06
jaegerat least I assume it was yours that was talked about in here15:07
jaegerdon't have access to that VM right now15:08
jaegerare dbus-glib and dbus now no longer needed for anything in core/opt?15:09
juejaeger: ok, thanks for testing :)15:10
jaegerI can test it again here at work if you want a bit more testing done :)15:10
tilmanjaeger: i'm not sober, but i think the answer is yes15:10
jaegerheh, fair enough15:11
juecups, qt and libnotify depends on dbus15:12
jaegerI ran prt-get dependent --all and checked it after I asked, sorry for being lazy15:13
juebut we can remove dbus/dbus-glib from our ISO, that's nice ;)15:17
jueoh no, once again sourceforge has 'improved' their web stuff, looks like we have to adjust our ck4up rules :((15:21
teK_it's been a long time since ck4up worked for me for sf.net15:22
juehmm, worked until today for me, maybe you're rules need some love ;)15:23
teK_what do you use?15:24
juenearly the same15:24
jue@SF_STD@ @TAR@15:25
jueI guess you get a lot of false diff's because of the missing @TAR@?15:27
teK_*trying* (@TAR@ is missing)15:28
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teK_the list shrank significantly, thx15:36
juewell, with their new layout with that rule only the tarball listed behind 'Looking for the latest version?' is matched, not sure if that is sufficient15:46
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teK_their should be consensus about one single update-notification mechanism across *all* open source projects15:47
juemaybe we should look at the directories as well, what can be done with a macro like:15:47
teK_just like their mostly using .tar.[gz|bz2] as release format...15:47
jue@SF_NEW@   /files/@NAME@/[.0-9]+|@TAR@15:48
jueyeah, a simple file-listing would be all we need15:49
teK_not some bazillion wiki pages (all filed up with outdated links) or something..15:52
teK_but well :>15:52
teK_our wiki got 'spammed'16:18
teK_wtf :-)16:18
frinnstjust boring links?16:21
teK_pretty much16:21
teK_oh, jue despammed it a week ago, too16:21
frinnstyeah, lots of despam in the changelog16:22
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