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jaegerapparently I'm a moron who can't build firefox without dbus07:56
pitillojaeger: have you rebuilt xulrunner?08:07
jaegerah, need to add "ac_add_options --disable-dbus" to mozconfig, now it builds08:09
jaegerit's already in the xulrunner mozconfig but not in the firefox one08:09
pitilloummm good catch then08:10
jaegerperhaps nobody else has tried to build it without dbus installed yet08:11
pitilloyes, I'm testing it now under vbox because I think I have dbus in all machines...08:18
pitilloadding the ac_var may be affects to dbus detection in the case the machine has it (not sure really) and it'll be built always without dbus support (without detecting it)08:18
jaegerI imagine that is the case08:26
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pitillosame here, fyi if it could be interesting09:35
jaegerhrmm... how annoying is it to build gudev these days? guess I'll have to try it09:41
jaegeryuck, upower needs to build... :/10:12
juewell, that's a good reason to keep the .la file10:17
jaegerit also seems to fail because isn't in /lib10:18
juedon't know why we remove it in the current udev-port, though10:18
jueoops, that's strange10:18
jaegerwhy is in /usr/lib and{,.9.3} in /lib?10:18
juewell, the .so is only needed if you compile/build stuff but not at run-time10:21
jaegerwell, I don't see any hard-coded references to it in upower's source via grep but the build definitely looks for /lib/, not /usr/lib/libudev.so10:22
jaegerthe error comes from gcc10:23
juehmm, in libudev.pc we have /usr/lib as libdir10:24
jaegerjust wondered why we'd split them into separate directories. is it just because you don't need to boot?10:24
jueyes, and it's easier to move the lib than to adjust the pkgconfig stuff10:25
juebtw, many other ports do it the same way10:27
jaegerIt wouldn't be a problem if gcc/linker/whatever can find them but in this case it can't10:27
jaegercould add -L${exec_prefix}/usr/lib to libudev.pc, I suppose10:28
jueeven not if we have the .la file in /usr/lib?10:28
jaegerI'm working with a udev port that builds extras and leaves the .la file in10:28
jaegergcc: /lib/ No such file or directory10:30
juehmm, having the symlink in /lib and /usr/lib would fix the issue, but I'd like to know what's wrong here10:32
jaegerthere's not even any -ludev in the upower Makefile that I see, though it does link gudev10:33
juejaeger: how can I reproduce the error?10:33
jaegeryou could try to build upower, I guess... not sure other than that10:34
jaegerit has some annoying deps, though10:34
jaegerI could send you some build logs or straces if you think it would help10:35
juehehe, yes, I see -> No package 'polkit-backend-1' found10:36
jaegerthis is all part of my gnome junk so it's kinda convoluted10:36
jaeger <-- upower build log, though it doesn't offer much10:39
jaegerthe strace isn't telling me a lot, either, except for showing the failed stat64() and access() calls10:46
juejaeger: I guess it's because we have libdir=/lib in libudev.la10:47
jaegerthat's the only reason I can think of, it doesn't seem to cause problems for other packages that don't use the .la file I guess10:48
jueI'd suggest to edit the file and try again10:49
jaegerthe inconsistency feels messy to me10:49
jaegerit builds with /usr/lib in libudev.la10:50
jueI'll fix the udev port, we should keep the .la file, but it has to be in /usr/lib10:52
juewith the correct content of course ;)10:52
jaegerstill feels weird to me to have the /lib and /usr/lib split but I'll give it a try10:52
juejaeger: why? it make no sense to have all the .la files and .so symlink in /lib10:55
jaegerprobably because I'm not all that familar with libtool and the like10:56
jaegerif I move to /usr/lib and correct the libdir inside it, how does libtool know to find it there?10:57
juelook at /usr/lib, you'll see a lot of .so file that are symlinks to /lib10:57
juelibtool searchs the usual lib locations10:58
jaegerlibtool: link: cannot find the library `/lib/' or unhandled argument `/lib/'10:59
juejaeger: give me some seconds11:01
jaegerno problem, I don't mean to make you do more work :)11:03
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juejaeger: that's ok, you've found a serious issue11:19
juejaeger: plases try that ->
jaegerok, trying11:24
jaegerseems to work11:24
jaegercomparing the two, why does that work?11:28
jueit's now configured with libdir=/usr/lib and the libraries are moved to /lib, so the pc- and the la-file are both ok11:30
jaegerhrmm, interesting11:30
jaegerI must have missed something when I tried it with my port, didn't work11:30
jaegerbut this new one works, thanks for helping with that11:30
juethanks for testing and the report ;)11:31
jaegerno problem :)11:31
jaegermissed it in the initial test because I wasn't building gnome stuff11:31
jaegergotta go to a lunch meeting, back in a bit. thanks again :)11:43
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jaegerstarting a new ISO bootstrap with the latest udev/etc. updates13:56
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