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sepentilman: I added xorg-macros and xorg-xdm to my private repo, if you want to take a look ;D05:12
sepenno idea how necessary could be xorg-macros for others, but xorg-xdm can't be compiled without it05:13
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teK_is it me or does one have to link e.g. /usr/lib/X11/fonts/msttcorefonts to /usr/share/fonts to get the MS Fonts working?05:33
teK_I did not change /etc/fonts.conf as it said it'd be overwritten by updates (fun fact: no local.conf directive is present as the top-comment suggests)05:34
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entewhere do I apply for being contrib-person again?06:05
sepenteK_: no idea about ms fonts, but this font's issue reminds me to
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tilmanthe port is called xorg-util-macros07:54
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sepentilman: cool! I'll remove xorg-macros from my repo08:45
sepenwhat about xorg-xdm?08:46
sepennah, my fault again08:46
sepenyou have been maintaining it from 2007 ;D08:47
sepenI think I re-ported both of them to my private the day I told you that xorg dissapeared from the portdb, so sorry08:48
sepentilman: anyways I think that there /etc/X11/xdm is a better place for config files, I think it was the same place we had for the old X11F86's stuff08:59
sepene.g: when you edit /usr/lib/X11/xdm/Xsetup_009:14
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sepen_that's a diff paste:
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sepennot sure about diff for deps, I think I just added the ones required to build the port, and to have xorg-server listed sounds better09:21
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entecan I have a haskell ports-collection pointing to
tilmansepen: yeah, i didn't look at your xdm port yet11:58
tilmansepen: /me busy :D11:58
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sepentilman: np, I'm too busy nowadays13:00
sepensee ya'13:00
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