IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-12-14

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frinnstjue: hmm, CVE-2010-3847.patch still applies cleanly to 2.12.210:26
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juefrinnst: yeah, but looks like it's not needed resp. covered by 385610:30
frinnstk, no need for me to read up on the changes then :>10:31
jueAndreas Schwab reverted that patch in the fedora 2.12 branch as well10:32
jueso I think it's ok to go with stock 2.12.2, even though we need the two other patches10:33
enteI think so too... should I test it?11:36
jueente: you missed what I've said in #crux?11:38
enteoh, right11:38
* ente compiles11:38
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