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jueente: I guess your contrib application is still pending?09:20
enteI can wait :)09:20
entenew glibc works fine so far on the build chroot09:21
juegood to hear, thanks for testing09:21
jueI'd say that teK_ and sepen second your application, so you are accepted  and the only missing part is that you need access to the repo09:26
juesend tilman your ssh-key and he will do the rest ;)09:27
entejue: ok09:28
juethank you, I'm happy to see that we have a new member now :)09:30
enteonly thing I'm a bit anxious of would be screwing up git09:32
juemost important: don't "git push" without carefully looking at "git log" before09:36
enteI know very litle about git's undoing mechanisms09:37
enteI just checked out an old version and think I screwed up09:37
juewhat's the problem now?09:40
juedunno what you mean exactly, but to undo a modification to <file> just do a 'git checkout <file>'09:46
entenope, I screwed up my personal ports repo :)10:02
entebreaking things is a little bit harder when you have to push them first10:03
teK_jue ente I can handle the access thingy, too10:37
teK_no need to harass tilman :p10:37
jueteK_: ok, that's fine10:40
teK_while I'm making pmwiki a little more XSS-proof (again)10:40
teK_ente: if you want to send me your key you may use my gpg-key10:46
* ente never used gpg for anything before :S10:46
enteteK_: does it need to be gpg? RSA public keys are secure, aren't they? I doubt freenode is manipulating the connection :)10:48
teK_well.. then some sneaky http(s|) URI will be fine, too.10:48
teK_k thx10:51
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enteI guess it's time to clone the contrib git repo then?10:57
teK_realname + mailaddress please10:58
enteMoritz Wilhelmy, moritz+crux@wzff.de11:02
teK_my ~/.ssh/config looks like this:11:03
teK_host crux Hostname Port 2222 User tek IdentityFile ~/.ssh/crux11:04
teK_you can give git clone ssh://crux/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git a try11:06
teK_if git still is puzzling you just call for halp11:07
teK_brb (gotta take care of my 'other' moritz (my son))11:08
enteteK_: wait, what's my user name?11:08
jueente: ente ;)11:10
enteah :D11:11
entejue: git checkout origin/2.7?11:17
juegit branch 2.7 origin/2.711:24
juegit checkout 2.711:25
jueon important thing:11:27
jueif you've committed local but origin has been modified as well11:27
juedon't 'git pull'11:28
juedo a 'git fetch ; git rebase origin/2.7' instead11:28
jue(that's to avoid nasty merge commits)11:29
juethe rebase will usually work without conflicts, because we don't work at the same files11:33
entejue: it's better to always talk to the maintainer, in case it's not my port, right? Seems rude and impolite to me otherwise :)11:35
enteeven if it's trivial stuff11:35
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enteI'm currently thinking about moving usb_modeswitch to contrib11:44
jueente: it's your decision, both opt and contrib are no selections of something but stuff the maintainers are using, so if you're using it and think that it might be useful to others ...12:14
entethe only difference is that contrib is semi-official while opt is official?12:18
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juewell, contrib is official too but it's a project of it's own and maintained by the contrib maintainer while opt is an integral part of CRUX12:32
entemakes sense :)12:45
juebtw, I forgot about it, but we have a nice page with the most important git stuff for maintainers ->
* teK_ thinks, ente should have a closer look to our wiki :-)13:31
enteteK_: I read most of it, but the Contrib-how-to really wasn't relevant back then ;)13:34
teK_jue / tilman I made myself flyspray admin to be able to create accounts14:07
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tilmanteK_: alright:)14:48
teK_btw jue/tilman I found a mail for root@ from 200614:53
teK_  17     May 16 Bob Mutch       (  32) Project Support Open Source (SOS) wanted to donation to your project14:53
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juetilman: care to test the glibc 2.12.2 port from my private repo?15:13
teK_has anyone tested it for x86_64?15:30
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teK_wiki should be de-xss-ed again..16:44
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