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jue.oO new gcc 4.5.205:11
juesepen: btw, what happens to your portdb improvements?06:11
jueI mean the links to Pkgfile etc. for rsync ports?06:12
sepenI was waiting for write permissions06:12
sepenI think you said me that tilman should aprove these changes06:12
sepenand it would be fine if I belongs to tools/webtools.git and tools/prt-utils.git too06:13
juehmm, sorry don't remember06:13
sepenwell, for now you could apply my patch if you're agree06:14
juebut, yeah that's true06:14
sepenjue: maybe as owner for both git repos?06:14
sepenSimone is retired nowadays06:14
juemaybe we can ask teK_ for that?06:14
sepenteK_: ping?06:16
juesepen: why owner of prt-utils?06:16
sepen*err, pkg-get06:17
sepenjue: I think we talked about pkg-get.git, sorry06:17
sepenprt-utils is ok, but I'd like to see another owner too, maybe you?06:18
jueyeah, make sense06:18
sepenwell, I think I'll be here at night, tonight my girlfriend will be out ;D06:19
sepenjust I'll need beers06:19
jueok, let's do s short summarize:06:20
juenew owner of tools/webtools.git and tools/pkg-get.git -> sepen06:21
juenew owner of tools/prt-utils.git -> jue06:21
sepenyeah, also I remeber that I said you something about to send a mail about Orphaned, Retired members and tickets, etc. but didn't have the time to do it06:21
sepenjue: +106:21
juewrite access to portd-stuff -> sepen06:21
jueI guess that's all for now, or?06:22
sepenboss around06:24
sepenjue: yep, that's all06:28
juefixed the owners on already06:28
juebut didn't touched the permissions06:29
sepenjue: just I should be added to 'tools' group06:30
sepenbut note that all tools/*.git projects belongs to crux:tools06:30
jueok, done06:31
sepenjue: could you perform another task? just change my gid to the opt group06:33
sepenor to gid 100 like teK_ and others06:34
jueyep, done06:35
sepenjue: there are some thins odd to me06:35
sepensee /etc/groups06:35
sepenusers::100:... teK_ is not listed here06:35
sepenbut he has tek:x:130:100: in /etc/passwd06:36
sepenI think we should do a complete review of users/group/permissions when having enough time06:36
sepenit would be fine if this discussion takes place in the infrateam ML06:37
jueindeed, that's the right place06:38
jueanyway, I've added tek and sepen to users06:39
sepenI like to be subscribed to the infrateam ML again whenever be possible06:40
sepenbut we should talk that with tilman06:40
jueport for gcc 4.5.2 is in my private repo, testing by using appreciated06:52
sepenjue, I'll try this time :D06:54
sepenbut directly on my desktop box06:54
sependo you have a gcc test in mind after I upgrade my box?06:54
sepenjue: could you patch portdb/index.php with this patch? /home/sepen/public_html/devel/portdb/index.php.diff.txt06:56
jueno, just use it for some time and report back06:56
sepenor should we wait for tilman and/or teK_ ?06:57
jueto late, done already ;)07:00
sepenmany thanks07:00
juethank you for the improvement07:01
sepento you too07:01
sepenjue: I'll commit our current pdbcacher.php and portdb files, agree?07:32
sepenjust to sync our current files and reflect last Lucas changesets too07:32
jueyeah, great07:36
sepenIn the future I'll do some more tests for complete this support on external (non hosted in rsync repos07:37
sepenbut that requires to review our current sqlite schema though07:38
sepenwell, bbl07:38
juelater sepen07:39
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frinnstoh, new gcc too14:30
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