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entequestion: I committed .Pkgfile.swp by accident12:00
entewhat's the right way to get rid of it? git rm?12:01
enteit's just that it won't delete it from history :S12:04
enteyes, going to add it to gitignore12:04
teK_it's a feature :)12:04
jueyou've push it already, so there's no other way to go12:04
entesorry for screwing up :S12:05
teK_I guess we'll survive :-)12:07
juedoesn't matter, but remember 'git status/log' are your friends ;)12:07
* tilman rolls in eyes from here to china and back12:08
frinnstente: thats kids stuff13:04
frinnsti've committed packages :D13:04
frinnstim the worlds most useless git-user13:05
enteI suck at git too13:08
entefrinnst: what do you use for your private projects?13:08
frinnsti dont have any13:10
teK_% pkginfo -i | egrep '(gcc |glibc)'; crux14:25
teK_gcc 4.5.2-114:25
teK_glibc 2.12.2-114:25
teK_CRUX version 2.7 x86_6414:25
teK_interested in git diff?14:25
frinnstalready have ports prepared14:28
frinnstthanks though14:28
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teK_sepen: pong!14:29
sepennah jue and me were talking about portdb and some files, permissions, etc. at crux.nu14:31
sepenI think that all for now is done, by jue14:32
teK_oh okay14:32
teK_anything I should know?14:32
sepenyeah, did you see the rsync patch for the portdb page?14:32
sepennow we have 'files' support for all rsync repos at crux.nu14:33
sepennow Pkgfile, footprint and md5sum are showed14:33
teK_reading backlog.. patch?14:33
teK_wrt review.. yes14:34
teK_I skimmed over / in general a few days ago14:35
teK_old contributors all over the place14:35
teK_wiki and  other things: the same14:35
teK_I thought to write up how to add and how o remove users wrt CRUX and the specific parts of the project14:35
sepenafter we vote the aproval what usually did you?14:36
teK_no comprende14:36
sepensteps after a new contrib user14:37
teK_yes stuff like that14:37
sepenI think it would be helpful to have this documented on a mail to the infrateam ML14:37
teK_I mean.. it was not hard to figure out the stuff that had to be done to get ente into flyspray and thigns but it'd be nice/easier to have a text document about this14:37
teK_for security concerns: no14:38
teK_but that's subject of discussion14:38
sepenand also it would be fine to have a doc for all tasks after a new CRUX release is published14:38
sepenteK_: the infrateam list is not public14:38
sepenteK_: Im not subscribed14:39
teK_indeed it's private14:39
sepenI was but for ┬┐security reasons? now Im out of there14:39
teK_I'm fine with posting it to the ML then14:40
sepencould be possible to be subscribed again?14:41
teK_+1 for your Patch14:41
teK_give me a second to figure that out. I suppose?14:41
sepenteK_: I was removed by tilman, so I think we should talk with him14:42
teK_you're doing infrastructure work :-)14:42
sepenor at least nowadays14:43
sepenwell, I'm maintaining with the same tools we have in, gitweb, pmwiki, etc. so I think I could help a bit14:45
sepennew is in beta here
teK_yeah I justupgraded pmwiki some days ago due to xss-vulns14:48
sepentek_: is xss the same of xhr? cross-site scripting?14:49
teK_cross site scritpting, yes14:50
sepenteK_: well, since in we don't have a public wiki I think I have not to worry14:51
teK_upgrading worked like a char14:52
teK_better safe than sorry ;14:53
sepengood to know14:53
teK_just follow the upgrade guide (wrt backup) and you should be done in  < 10 Minutes in total14:53
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teK_sepen: cannot subscribe you, mailman won't let me in15:28
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