IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2010-12-23

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horrorStruckmaybe you guys saw that already but just in case:
horrorStruckor we could switch to the 1.4 branch :P11:20
horrorStruckin that case
horrorStruckhi tilman11:26
tilmanfrinnst: dbus release with a CVE ^^^11:26
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frinnsti thought i had dbus in ck4up, guess not :o12:36
juetilman: ok to commit gcc and glibc now?13:16
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tilmanjuyes, i think so :)13:41
jueok, here we go :)13:45
jaegerargh, glibc broke everything!13:52
* jaeger ducks13:53
* jaeger updates14:02
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