IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2011-01-03

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jaegerI've got a problem updating xorg-libxaw, getting a bunch of messages that say "table wider than line width" or "column separation set to zero"; is this a known issue?08:24
juejaeger: trying now ...08:29
juegot the same08:30
jue.oO might be a issue with new groff08:30
juewill install old version of groff and try again08:31
jaegerhrmm, seems likely08:31
jueyeah, works with groff 1.20.108:33
enteis it really a groff issue or rather a problem with the macropackage that's used?08:36
juequick fix ->
pitillois the spec dir needed? can it be avoided from being built?08:47
jueno, we rm the docs anyway08:47
jueor even better: --disable-docs ;)08:50
pitillodoes it build tha man provided disabling docs?08:51
juewell, the footprint is the same and we have a Xaw(3)08:53
pitillogreat then08:54
tilmani'll take care of it09:05
tilman--disable-docs can probably be used with a whole bunch of libx* ports09:06
entewhy rm -r /usr/share? shouldn't rmdir be sufficient?09:16
tilmannot quite09:18
entewell.. if docs are disabled via --disable-docs anyway?09:20
tilmanthe directory is created anyway09:29
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