IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2011-01-06

tilmannipuL: yeah, we suck and fail.hi :)03:51
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enteniflheimr ~/crux/text-package # grep "Maintainer.*Lucas Hazel" /usr/ports/*/*/Pkgfile | wc -l09:24
entesure you don't have a /usr/ports/local?09:24
entenipuL: as for pycairo, I think someone wanted to adopt it a few days ago09:25
enteah, they did09:25
enteoh, I don't have contrib09:26
* ente shuts up09:26
jaegernipuL: do you still do any multilib crux work or is that dead now?09:32
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nipuLi haven't touched it in over a year, so pretty dead.16:15
nipuLbut i think i might bring it back to life16:15
nipuLi still have a vps running multilib, so I can upgrade it and produce working multilib packages16:18
nipuLcurrent packages are glibc#2.8 and gcc#4.3.2, so yeah a little bit out of date16:20
jaegerI was wanting to go back to crux multilib so figured I'd ask16:22
jaegerI considered trying to duplicate your stuff but if you do pick it back up I'd offer to help with some maintenance or whatever16:23
nipuLsome help keeping it all in sync would be much appreciated16:23
jaegerok :)16:24
jaegerI need to get a multilib install back up and running16:35
nipuLhah, i've completely forgotten how I did this16:56
jaegerdoh, hehe16:57
nipuLlooking at the pure64 repo, so the plan is to only contain ports that differ from the official repo?17:28
jaegerI prefer that way, myself, is there a good reason not to?17:30
nipuLit makes it easier to sync your ports, you can merge and cherry pick changes from the upstream repo17:32
nipuLbut the idea of just 'overlay' repos is a nice idea too17:33
nipuLso following this methodology I would just create a repo for ports that differ from the x86_64 repos17:33
nipuLit would only contain the tool chain and 32bit compability ports17:34
jaegeryeah, seems reasonable17:57
jaegersorry for the delayed response, was driving home17:57
nipuLit's ok, i'm meant to be working18:00
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