IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2011-01-07

nipuLremind me, what order do you rebuild a toolchain?03:33
nipuLnvm, got it04:47
tilmanjue: could you please hack the gitweb script to show branch 2.7 by default for the kde4 repository?06:15
teK_I think you have to call     git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/2.7 to fix this06:52
teK_may I ..?06:52
tilmanno, please don't06:54
tilmanteK_: we really do edit :)06:54
tilmanas crazy as that sounds06:54
juetilman: will do06:54
tilmanmaybe we should _really_ clean that up and just go with cgit06:54
tilmanvolunteers? ;)06:54
* jue likes gitweb much more06:55
teK_what's wrong with gitweb?06:56
tilmanjue: we should consider updating our copy of gitweb though06:56
juetilman: done06:59
tilmanthanks :)07:00
juetilman: wrt update, no objections07:00
jueteK_: ?07:02
teK_I can give it a try.. there a three main components besides the plain git#.. base installation: git daemon + config, /home/crux/scm, and ~crux/public_html/gitweb, right?07:03
teK_wait.. git-daemon? Not.07:04
tilmanwe don't use git-daemon afaik07:04
tilmanbut yeah, that should be it07:04
teK_ps aux says so, too07:04
teK_sounds like a task for sunday evening07:05
tilmani'm not sure how much work it is to do our theme-customizations with the current gitweb07:05
tilmanours is really old07:05
teK_btw: is there a specific reason for setting HEAD in gitweb.cgi instead of repo/HEAD?07:06
teK_tilman: I will find out07:06
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