IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2011-01-23

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teK_I already had fun with the unsorted list09:39
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juejaeger: thanks :)10:29
juerestarting clb ;)10:30
jaegerAh, no problem :) Sorry he was gone so long, had a huge fight with hard drives in the server10:31
jueyeah, noticed that was down some time10:32
jaegerI had a drive fail and then both the replacements failed10:32
jaegerI ended up taking my RAID1 at home apart and using those drives to get it back up while I RMA the new ones =/10:32
jueoops, two new drives failed?10:33
mike_khi jue, jaeger. while you are both around: jaeger, would be nice of you to allow linking to your updated images on the Download page =)10:34
jaegerjue: yes :(10:35
jaegermike_k: yeah, I'm gonna add it to the download page, I just didn't bother while its home server was down10:35
jaegerok, added10:49
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juemike_k_: forgot to ask, works opt/nvidia for you now without special tweaks13:06
mike_k_jue: thanks. oh, I've locked it. I'll test and report13:11
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jamesmillsjaeger: you around ?21:15
jamesmillswho builds the 64bit iso images for crux again ?21:35
jamesmillswas it frinnst ?21:35
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jaegerjamesmills: yeah, believe so23:01
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