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mike_k_jue: hello. thanks, current nvidia/vdpau works for me.09:54
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juemike_k: great, thanks for testing09:59
jaegerinteresting... without --libdir e2fsprogs puts some things into /lib and /usr/lib but with it they all go into $(libdir)10:09
juejaeger: something wrong with core/e2fsprogs?10:21
jaegerjue: not in the current form, no... I'm just thinking about it in x86_64-multilib10:22
jueah, ok. IMO the splitting into /lib and /usr/lib is exactly how it should be, static libs and the *.so symlinks in /usr/lib the others in /lib10:23
jaegerI was trying to figure out how to duplicate that with --libdir=/usr/lib64 without doing it manually10:25
jaegerbecause if you specify libdir it dumps them all into that dir10:25
jaegerProbably have to do it manually, I just find it really odd that the behavior changes in that way with the libdir option10:27
jaegerout of curiosity, why do you think the split is the right way?10:28
juewell, everything in /lib must be there because stuff in /sbin or /bin is linked against it, but the static lib and the *.so link is only needed if you compile progs which depends on the e2fsprogs libraries10:34
jueand for that you need the headers in /usr/inlcude too10:34
jaegerthe stuff in /sbin or /bin could be linked against things in /usr/lib, technically, right?10:35
jaegermaybe not common, just trying to understand it a bit more :)10:35
juenot really, the idea behind is that everything you need even if /usr is not mounted should be in /lib, /sbin etc.10:37
jaegerah, ok, that makes sense10:37
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prologicThe TIME+ column in top15:50
prologicwhat is that in ?15:50 ?15:50
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