IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2011-01-30

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mavrick61Hi, anyone here07:49
mavrick61FYI, the crux server will be shutdown. We are moving the datacenter to a new location. Duration 10-15 min.07:51
tilmanhi mavrick6107:54
tilmanmavrick61: thanks for the heads up07:54
mavrick61Hi.. My pass don't allow me to halt the server07:54
mavrick61can you07:54
tilmanhold on a second07:54
tilmanyes i can07:55
tilmanwant me to halt it right now?07:55
mavrick61Then you can hit the key now07:55
tilmanwill do07:55
tilmanThe system is going down for system halt NOW!07:55
tilmanmavrick61: did you try to log in as root? want me to reset the password..?07:55
mavrick61This is a temp move, need to fre some rack space, the relocation will be done later today. so I might need a new halt then07:56
tilmanmavrick61: okay. ping me when the server is in its temporary spot, then i will reset the password07:57
mavrick61I just turned on the power again. So it will be up soon.07:59
tilmanmavrick61: do you gpg so i can tell you the password on a secure channel?08:01
tilmani meant "do you _have_ gpg.." :)08:13
mavrick61No, SMS TO +46-70-510853308:30
tilmanmessage sent08:36
tilmancan you log in as root now?09:12
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