IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2011-02-01

nipuLjaeger: wish me luck, building a clfs cross compiler to rebuild multilib :)00:02
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jaegernipuL: good luck :) That's what I've been working on as well but keep running into problems here and there07:12
jaegerI also set up a fedora 14 box to work with it, which seems to work reasonably well07:20
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prologicCan I get one of you to update the URL of my repo in a few mins ?16:11
prologicChanges in bitbucket mean that hosting the httpup repo via bitbucket no longer works :/16:11
prologictilman, ping16:24
prologichey :)16:24
prologicif you wouldn't mind :)16:25
tilmanlet me if it worked or not (takes some hours)16:26
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