IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2011-02-18

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pitillohello good morning, does pkgutils depend on acl?03:29
pitilloit's libarchive, sorry again03:38
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mike_kpitillo: I guess it depends. ldd /usr/lib/ reveals that05:00
mike_kjue: should not it be listed in "Depends on:"?05:01
pitilloyes, and on bzip2 I think... but I saw all deps listed on libarchive's dependencies05:01
mike_kpitillo: err, so everything seems to be right05:03
pitilloyes, that's why I apologized before :)05:05
mike_kjue: sorry, forget about it05:05
mike_kI didn't get it (05:05
pitilloand sorry for confuse things and make noise too05:06
sepenI modified my 'repolog' stuff again, what do you think about?
mike_ksepen: nice. does it use current ports versions?06:26
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sepensorry I should go back to home07:36
sepensee ya'07:36
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