IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2011-02-27

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-chocolaate-maan- THIS IS THE BEST U CAN GET
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-chocolaate-maan- cool site
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prologicfreenode is getting spammed04:07
slashbeastnot the first time and I ma sure not the last one04:19
slashbeastsetting channel to registred-only would fix such problems04:19
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enteor unregistered-readonly07:26
enteif that's possible07:26
slashbeastindeed it is07:59
slashbeastyou can set 'quiet' flag for all non-registred users.08:00
slashbeastmode +q <some magic here>08:00
slashbeastthere is an example on freenode docs08:00
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