IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2011-03-07

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pitillohello good morning, has someone a copy of qt3-3.3.8-1-patches.tar.bz2 ?04:06
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pitillosorry, I want to ask it in the other channel :)04:11
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frinnstthoughts on firefox 4? id like to ditch the whole xulrunner/firefox split. i cant see any benefit in keeping it. does anything other than firefox use xulrunner?14:17
Guest88255not afaik14:54
Guest88255and I agree14:54
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jaegerthunderbird, perhaps? I haven't checked14:59
tilmanonce upon a time, tb was supposed to use it soon[tm]15:16
tilmanbut i don't think that has worked out15:16
frinnstunless someone can tell me why its a bad idea, i'll yank xulrunner when 4 gets released then17:06
jaegerkittens will be sad17:09
jaeger(I don't know)17:09
ente4 gets released? :P17:24
enteI thought betas for 4 get released, but firefox 4 itself is like perl 6 :P17:25
enteanyway, I don't see a point in that xulrunner-ff-split either, as one particular ff-version always depends on the corresponding xulrunner version17:25
enteuuuuuh, rc117:35
enteI just hope my addons will still work :P17:35
enteah, wait, I'm on debian, they won't have firefox 4 until firefox 5 is out17:35
frinnstsqueeze still uses 3.5 iirc17:36
enteso does wheezy17:37

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