IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2011-07-20

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jueteK_: while pushing to I got a lot of these time stamp warnings:09:13
jueteK_: tar: zlib: time stamp 2011-07-20 16:08:04 is 3414.7177303 s in the future09:13
jueIIRC you fixed the smae issue recently09:14
enteI remember having these too10:30
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teK_Jul 20 20:10:12 crux ntpd[924]: adjusting local clock by 3670.781233s14:21
teK_Jul 20 20:10:13 crux ntpd[924]: adjtime failed: Invalid argument14:21
* teK_ is installing ntp14:31
teK_ntpdate + cronjob will do just fine..14:31
jaegercould use rdate14:31
teK_or update openntp14:31
jaegeropenntpd works fine once the clock is synced up more closely14:31
teK_maybe that works14:31
teK_because it lets the clock drift away that much14:32
teK_why's there a daemon then.14:32
jaegerif mine get off badly due to a timezone change or something, I stop ntpd, rdate server, hwclock --systohc, restart ntpd14:32
jaegerit doesn't drift that much for me... maybe a bad RTC in the crux server?14:32
teK_3414 is almost an hour ;)14:32
teK_I don't know the intervall for ntpd but the rtc 'd need to drift really bad14:33
jaegercould it be a DST problem?14:33
jaegerjust guessing14:33
teK_don't think so14:34
teK_we have hadthis problem twice this year ;)14:34
jaegermakes me think bad RTC hardware, then14:34
teK_*really* bad rtc hardware14:35
jaegerthe "almost exactly an hour" thing is odd, indeed14:35
jaeger3670 is very close to one hour14:35
teK_jue reported 3414 sec14:36
jaegeryeah, I saw, I was going by the skew ntpd reported14:37
teK_that'd be over 200 seconds in 3 hours14:37
jaegercould be unrelated, just thought it odd14:37
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