IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2011-07-21

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juebtw, chrony is much better if we have large timediffs, it works even nice if we have offline conditions02:50
juebecause it's able to set the rtc resp. calculate and correct the drift rate of the rtc02:52
jueteK_: are you sure that we don't have a dst problem, the problem appeared after the server was down?02:55
jueteK_: and the time is close to an hour02:56
jueteK_: wasn't it the same time-diff recently?02:57
teK_I don't recall04:03
teK_I did not check wether the server was down04:03
teK_the solution was to restart ntpd so I have no better idea than using ntpdate via cron (simple == perfect)04:04
jueyou can use 'rdate -na <ntp_server>' as well, no need to install ntp04:06
jueif you run it via cron job04:07
teK_yeah I meant the ntpdate+cronm style solution :)04:07
teK_rdate 'd be fine, too..04:07
jue.oO I'm using chrony everywhere ... ;)04:08
teK_I'd stick with the already installed openntpd even though I built the *current* ntp, too04:09
teK_but tbh.. I don't really care as long as it works04:09
juewell, as I said, only chrony works nice if you have bigger time-diffs04:10
juebut right, the simplest solution might be the best one for crux.nu04:12
jueteK_: updated git on
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* frinnst slaps tilman14:50
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