IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2011-07-22

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teK_jue: don't think so, why?05:20
teK_I thought about it but I can't remember doing it.05:20
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jueteK_: hmm, please read the backlog of #crux05:54
jueteK_: frinnst recognized that a 'ports -u' deletes the core ports-tree05:55
juewas easy to fix, but the it's a bit strange at all06:06
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teK_btw jue I did not update git yesterday for sure07:39
teK_or even this week. If I did it at all (~/.zsh/history says no)07:40
jaegerAnyone know much about building multilib toolchains?09:15
jaegerI've never been a toolchain expert but I'd like to try to pick up where nipul left off with multilib09:16
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* jaeger kicks gcc21:46

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