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frinnstpedja: would you like git access to opt-x86_64? would make it easier :)05:57
* frinnst slaps tilman 05:57
teK_I could do that, too...07:22
frinnstoh, great07:39
frinnstdidnt know that07:39
frinnstcan you create a contrib-x86_64 repo too?07:39
teK_I think so.07:40
jueteK_: I'm still clueless about the git mystery on crux08:02
teK_did you roll back to the old git?08:03
jueteK_: the timestamp shows that git was installed in 200808:03
jueit's not a new install08:03
jueit obviously worked before the server shutdown, but how?08:04
teK_so you didn't change a thing after the screwup?08:06
jueone idea was that the crux user had /usr/lib/git-core in his search path, but it doesn't look like that08:06
teK_first of all..08:08
teK_frinnst said ports -u deleted the core directory08:08
teK_where did he issue it? on
teK_I don't quite understand right now.08:08
juewell, no, I had the same issue08:09
teK_12:07 < frinnst> The requested URL /ports/crux-2.7/core/acl/Pkgfile was not found on this server.08:09
teK_sounds like 'deleted on'08:09
jueI just run 'ports -u' here on my box and the repo was empty after taht08:09
jueyeah, it was empty on crux.nu08:09
juethe repo on is updated by a post-commit hook08:10
frinnstyeah, i tried to browse the source from www.crux.nu08:10
jueit's home/crux/scm/ports/core.git/hook/post-update for example08:11
juethe first thing I tried was to run that script manually08:12
jueand I saw that it calls git-update-server-info08:12
teK_maybe this was caused by huge clock difference?08:13
juewhich cannot work beause you have to call it 'git update-server-info' nowadays08:13
teK_I see you corrected it already.. good.08:14
juethe next step ist that post-update calls /home/crux/bin/export_repo.sh08:14
teK_I have had the problem with the empty repo-directory08:14
jueand here we have a similar problem because the script calls 'git-archive' and not 'git archive'08:16
jue(I've fixed that too already)08:16
jueI'm confused and have no idea what happened there ;)08:20
juebtw, I've changed/fixed? the hooks for all our repos08:21
teK_running find .. for old invocations of git right now ;)08:21
teK_there seems to be quite some cruft on :p08:22
juefrinnst: I can include your changes to keyutils into the x86 port, if you prefer that?08:23
frinnsthell yeah08:27
jueok, will do :)08:27
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