IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2011-07-26

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jaegerseeing an md5sum mismatch on keyutils, did upstream change the tarball?10:09
tilmanjaeger: aren't the kernel headers installed on the system _supposed_ to be the ones that libc was built against?10:09
jaegertilman: as far as I know, yes10:09
tilmani'm not 100% sure, but iirc it's like that :)10:09
tilmanjaeger: so that's the reason, no?10:10
tilmanhaving a separate kernel headers package might lead to breakage of this assumption10:10
tilman(if people update kernel-headers but do not update libc)10:10
jaegerhence my comment earlier about having to recompile glibc10:10
jaegerthat's probably why, I just don't remember10:10
tilmanah, okay10:11
tilmani agree then :D10:11
jaegerJust a curiosity I ran into while trying to build a multilib toolchain10:15
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