IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2011-07-27

juejaeger: yes, they did. The first wasn't a bz archive but a plain tar file. I didn't noticed that because bsdtar worked anyway.03:36
frinnstwhy dont we scan for md devices during boot, like we do with lvm?04:52
frinnstsince autodetect is depricated(tm) these days04:52
juedon't know ;)04:56
jueprobably because nobody requested it04:57
frinnstwell neither would i unless id overwritten my custom rc when doing a rebuild to prepare for new hardware ( is epic btw)04:58
juewell, if you have something we can improve/add/change in our init-stuff add a FS ticket, best with a patch, please05:02
frinnstwill do when i get home05:02
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