IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2011-08-07

tilmanand i forgot to do that03:36
tilmanfrinnst: i fucked up the repo creation03:41
tilmanfrinnst: did you push anything yet?03:41
tilmanoh well, n/m03:43
tilmanfrinnst: rsync export should be up and running03:43
tilmanfrinnst: when i created the repository, i forgot the --bare argment. so we ended up with 'foo/.git' instead of 'foo.git'. i just moved the directories around to fix that. let me know if anything is odd about the repo03:47
frinnstwarning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.04:25
tilmancan you adjust your local .git/config?04:51
tilman(the url)04:51
frinnstlooks like this:
frinnstno clue what it should look like :)06:50
tilmanthat looks correct06:53
tilmanand it doesn't work?06:53
tilmantry again06:55
frinnstwell, it "works" i guess06:59
frinnsti pushed a port yesterday07:00
frinnstbut lots of noise07:00
tilmanokay, cool07:01
frinnstsweet, seems to work07:15
frinnsti need a black belt in git-fuu07:16
jaegerdon't we all09:31
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