IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2011-09-01

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sepenI modified a bit our timeline page, so now commits are listed starting by 'Changeset $repo.git'06:12
sepenwhat do you think?06:12
sepenalso I've some modifications for tlcacher.php in order to avoid insert duplicates in our DB, and also to do inserts for more git repositories like ports/contrib and etc.06:15
sepenI uploaded timeline.php to production but I'll wait for tlcacher.php until becomes more mature06:16
juesepen: TBH, I don't remember which text we had before instead of 'Changeset ...' ;)06:54
sepenjue s//Changeset $repo.git/06:58
sepenwas empty06:58
sepenjust I wanted to say that we could add some words, so only commitdiff link + autor was displayed06:59
jueah, ok07:01
jueI like your idea, it's more consistent to the other entries (Task, Wiki edit etc.)07:03
sepenjue: well, the fact is that we could fix more things on the input stage (when tlcacher.php collect data to insert in database), try to avoid duplicates on inserts, etc. and later map every user from flyspray to wiki accounts, it's ugly to see our nicknames mixed with wikiprofiles IMHO08:10
sepenour timeline page is a 'must' for me every day, even if I'm on vacation, so I think that it is a quick way to know what happens on CRUX every day and a good starting point for developers08:13
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juesepen: yeah, the timeline is great, I use it regulary to watch what has happend08:27
sepenI do the same, and nowadays trying to get it working something similar for crux-arm I'm testing some improvements08:31
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