IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2011-09-07

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frinnstteK_ or tilman, could you add an additional public key to my account so i can connect and push from work?06:28
frinnstill pastebin one07:03
teK_give it a shot07:07
frinnstits port 2222 for regular shell, right? and 22 for git?07:08
frinnstor was it the other way around? :)07:08
frinnstthanks tek07:09
teK_hope, you are the real frinnst!07:11
frinnststupid kernel.org07:12
teK_we should add some 'secret' comment to append to public keys only known to dev's with shell access07:15
frinnstheh, yeah actually probably a good idea07:21
enteyou could make a very limited shell :P07:29
entealso, do you chroot committers?07:30
entesshd makes that easy07:30
enteI have an anongit chroot07:30
teK_we do not, iirc07:55
teK_but we should07:55
teK_it's fairly easy, thats right07:56
enteshould be all that's needed08:07
entemy chroot was musl/sabotage based :)08:08
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tilmanfrinnst: you have a proper shell; you can edit ~/.ssh/authorized_keys yourself :P15:31
frinnstnot when i cant login from work! :)15:51
frinnstbut i didnt have time to commit stuff anyways.. so i could have waited :p15:51
jaegeroof, my munin setup is way out of date, need to fix that16:15

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