IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2011-09-13

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teK_i don't know but maybe these things could be discussed less public (in here for example), too08:36
sepenI said that on my first sentence08:37
sepenI prefer email too08:37
sepenI've never had problems with anybody until now, and I'm always open to comments, suggestions, etc. etc.08:40
sepenThere are many ways of saying things, and many better places to do it08:40
sepenseems that he will not admit anyone's advice, indeed08:41
teK_i didn't really get the problem + think it's up to both of you to fix the situation :)08:47
teK_rage quitting won't help anybody08:48
sepennah, now its ok08:48
sepenand I don't have enough time, I'll start at 16:00 again at office08:49
sepentime to leave this channel too, bbl08:49
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tilmanjue: yes, currently running it13:37
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