IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2011-09-20

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teK_losing the CRUX box 'd be *really* bad -.-05:12
enteweren't there any backups at all?06:06
enteI have a clone of the contrib repo at home :P06:07
enteI think someone should just push things to github06:07
teK_I did not setup backups. I found some "traces" of regular backups but I am not really sure about this06:08
teK_I'll try and contact charly via email jue tilman: is that ok?06:08
enteI would also offer hosting a git mirror on my box06:09
enteI have some fancy anongit setup :P06:09
entethat's totally not necessary for this06:09
enteexcept maybe for some wiki06:09
entewhich is why I enabled anonymous commits in the first place06:10
tilmanteK_: sure, can you cc jue and me?06:10
frinnstim sure i can set up a box here at work at our datacenter06:17
frinnsti can call them up if you like06:18
frinnstis it charlie i should speak to?06:19
frinnstno answer, not even on mobile06:21
frinnstsomeone's dug up a fibre06:36
frinnstits in the local paper06:36
frinnstbah, not even redundant fibres? lame :)06:36
frinnst(we have 3)06:36
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tilmanfrinnst: thanks for the info11:13
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teK_tilman: i won't contact charly then ;)13:53
frinnstmight be a good idea to setup some form of backup offsite14:19
teK_i planned that a while ago but failed due to the lack of a (big enough) server14:21
jaegerhow much space would be needed?14:22
teK_I'd be highly interested to set this up if you could provide us with a server14:22
teK_not that much14:22
teK_< 100 GB fore sure14:22
teK_even 50GB I'd say14:22
teK_+ less than14:22
teK_there are quite some "rubbish" directories ;)14:22
jaegerI do 3x daily rsync snapshots from's /home, I could do something similar for if they wouldn't mind the bandwidth14:23
teK_ssh-wise kalmar (?) sucks14:23
teK_but more than one backup-destination can't hurt, so +1 jaeger14:27
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