IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2011-10-08

jue.oO glibc 2.14.1 is out ;)03:58
teK_hey guys05:30
entejue: are you telling me not to upgrade my remaining arch machines for the next couple of weeks? ;)07:06
jueente: well, we haven't talked about a new release yet, but a fixed glibc makes it a bit more reachable ;)07:58
jaegerjue: now that I'm back to having more time, is there anything with which you want some help?09:01
juejaeger: sure :)09:09
juebut seriously09:10
jueI'd suggest a short meeting where we can discuss how to proceed09:11
jueIIRC has frinnst already done some work wrt updated tool-chain09:12
juebest would be to write a mail to crux-devel with an invitation to a IRC meeting?09:14
frinnstjust saw 2.14.109:15
frinnstlets see how many bugs it cleared up09:15
frinnstmissing rpc-headers are still a pain09:15
juedo you have a list which progs are affected?09:17
jaegerSounds reasonable09:17
juejaeger: ok, I'll write a mail the next days09:18
frinnst <- rpc09:18
jaegerThat's a smaller list than I expected, heh09:19
jaegeroh, the depends list isn't the full list09:19
jaeger(tree view)09:19
juepuhhh, a big mess at all09:31
jaegerhopefully .1 smooths it out a bit09:31
juehmm, not on the rpc side09:38
jueactually there seems to be a hen-egg problem because libtirpc cannot build because of missing sysmbols09:39
juefrinnst: I've added your gentoo-links to our TODO28 wiki page09:41
frinnstmost distros running 2.14 are shipping the removed headers as a separate package09:42
jueadditions to that page wanted ;)09:42
frinnstfedora does this i think09:42
jaegerblargh... my HP elitebook 8540p absolutely refuses to boot from a USB device09:44
frinnstoh right, what happened with your isohybrid experiments, jaeger?09:45
jaegerThe hybridized ISOs seem to work on all but two hardware configs, both of which I happened to be testing09:47
jaegerThis HP EliteBook 8540p and Lenovo ThinkPad T42009:47
jaegerNeither of them will boot it but the HP won't boot ANY USB device09:47
jaegerIt just hangs while trying to find boot devices09:47
jaegerThe thinkpads are just buggy pieces of shit, sadly09:47
jaegerNot what I expected given lenovo/IBM record09:47
jaegerOn the other hand we have two ThinkPad W520s or something like that at work and they're awesome09:48
jaegerIt's just the T420 that's a pain09:48
frinnstso, should work for 2.7 i take it?09:52
jaegerI think so, yes09:55
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juejaeger: sorry, forgot to say thanks for your offer, of course your help is much appreciated :)12:14
jaegerno problem :)12:51
frinnst2.14.1 seems just as buggy as 2.1413:23
frinnstthe resolv-bug seems to still be present13:23
frinnstand still asound crashes remain13:24
jaegerThat's unfortunate :(13:28
frinnstMPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: ao2_init13:46
MrGatz85oops wrong screen14:32
frinnstat least you didnt type in your password like i did last week :)15:02
MrGatz85ROFL trus me i have thats why i got 20 diff for each thing i do15:12
MrGatz85if any body here able to help me i have ben able to setup a port for pyasn1 but i'm not able to host it15:19
MrGatz85i belive this might be somthing  that could be in standerd crux port15:21
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