IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2011-10-15

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frinnstare there any ports that still depend on nspr/nss ?07:24
frinnstah, chromium still does07:25
frinnstim not really able to test nss/nspr since i dont use anything that depends on it09:44
frinnstif anyone wanna take over maintaining them.. well, lets just say i'd be open to it :)09:44
enteusb_modeswitch has gone unmaintained quite some time11:17
enteI can't test it, since I won't have my USB UMTS stick much longer... And upstream chose to remove the distfiles11:17
enteif anyone wants to maintain it... :)11:18
entethere were some changes, like the move from the data files to /usr/share rather than /etc (which was a stupid location to begin with)11:19
entethe entire thing is stupid, but unfortunately required11:24
enteNetBSD does it in-kernel11:24
tilmanente: is usb_modeswitch even required these days for those umts sticks?11:30
tilman2 years ago i used a hiuwei (sp?) thing, and it just worked ;>11:32
entebecause the vendors deliberately produce broken hardware11:32
enteyes, some work, some need to be modeswitched11:32
tilmanmaybe i was lucky and it came up in modem mode every single time11:32
entemaybe it only had a modem mode?11:32
entemine *never* comes up in modem mode11:32
enteit expects the windows driver that's on the CDROM part to switch the mode11:33
entefunny thing is that the stick also functions as ยต-SD-reader11:33
enteso rather than relying on the modeswitch bullshit, vendors *could* just ship it with a microsd card that contains a windows driver, but no...11:33
tilmandon't buy hardware that doesn't support linux properly11:34
enteit does, after the modeswitch :-P11:34
enteI find it funny that these things still emulate 1970's modems though, with the full AT command set11:34
ente(and some extensions to enter a PIN)11:34
ente <- also, last time I checked, usb_modeswitch used the INI parser from the section "Parameter Parsing" in there11:38
entewhich means it reopens every file to read a value11:38
enteproduction code *sigh*11:41
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