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jueRomster: it's _not_ our general policy to remove all static libraries, so avoid the --disable-static please05:56
jueRomster: at least for opt ports ;)05:56
Romstersorry wasn't aware of that.06:49
Romsteri just find it pointless for most ports.06:49
Romsterother than mdadm lvm stuff that could be used in a initramfs.06:50
Romsteris there anything else i should read about opt ports policy guidelines?06:51
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pitilloRomster: that should be a guideline for all collections (it's followed in all "official" ones, the only one which doesn't follow it is contrib)06:53
Romsterno one has told me this one before that i can recall.06:54
sepenRomster: now that you're opt member, feel free to adopt gstreamer and gst-plugins-base06:54
Romsterhmm and i've only been in contrib all this time until now.06:55
pitilloRomster: I think this was discussed some time ago in crux channel directly06:55
Romsterthought you wanted to keep those two :)06:55
sepenall those problems are easily solved with ... "just ask first"06:55
sepenRomster: sure06:55
Romsteri just started using the same principals i use in contrib plus the all deps must be in core xorg or opt.06:56
Romsterif you don't mind i'll look after gstreamer and gst-plugins-base, i woulnd't mind double checking all the deps as they keep moving around from one to the other gst-plugins-* from version to version.06:57
Romsterand i've been putting off checking that.06:58
Romsteri wouldn't mind bumping libsoup sometime but it depends on glib 2.30, don't know if that's a port that only gets bumped between iso releases now that it's in core?06:59
Romstera couple of other orphaned ports i use or depend on i'll pick up then the rest be for someone else to do as they please.07:02
jueremoving the static libraries is a functional restriction, having the libs at hand is sometimes useful if you want to install a program but no all the libs it depends on07:14
jueRomster: dunno why we at 2.28 with glib, probably Tilman hasn't had the time to do the update07:17
jueor is there anything special with 2.30, new deps for example?07:18
Romsterjue, ok so those packages that defaultt o off on static should i be enabling it by force or let the upstream dictate if it's enabled or not?07:20
Romster2.30 just has a bunch of bug fixes/feature enhancements07:21
Romsterlibsoup changelog says it does't use the new features of glib 2.30 but it offers bug fixes that libsoup depend on.07:22
Romsterthat's as much as i know about it. not in great detail.07:22
jueI'd just follow the default, that's both type of libs for common auto-tools stuff, if upstream has decided to not install static libraries there's most probably a serious reason for that07:28
Romsteroh and the glib source url needs a update it's permantly redirected 30207:28
Romsterif you do a curl -sI url... on glib it says where it redirects to.07:29
Romsteri don't bother with tempery redirection as that's often a mirror redirect but anything that says permanent redirect i update the url.07:30
jueRomster: please ask Tilman to look at that, I'm a bit out of time currently07:30
Romstersorry 301 is permanent redirect 302 is temporary /sys/block/sdb/device/delete07:31
Romsterk np.07:31
Romsteri know what out of time feels like.07:31
Romstergrep -r -- --disable-static */Pkgfile |wc -l07:33
Romsterthere is others than just what i did in opt.07:33
Romsteri'll fix ones i've picked up though still.07:34
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