IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2011-10-21

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sepen /win 302:27
sepenoops, sorry02:28
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sepenjue: ping (better here)07:13
sepenor tilman: ping07:19
sepenps ax07:21
sepenoops, sorry again :D07:21
sepenteK_: well we can't touch core ports but I tell you the problem07:22
sepenthe fact is that pitillo reported me an issue with one of my private ports: mac4lin-icon-theme, which finally involves a problem with libarchive
sepenany idea?07:23
teK_that seems *really* odd07:23
teK_file *.zip says what?07:24
sepennot sure if is related to thios
teK_hmmm07:24 Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract07:24
sepenthe problem resides in the method used to uncompress contents07:25
teK_have you tried with a more recent libarchive version?07:25
sepenunzip ok, bsdtar break contents07:25
sepenteK_: do you mean a version newer than portS?07:26
sepenI'll try, thanks07:26
teK_if it won't work either, I'd file a bug and wait for upstream to fix this07:26
sepenyep that's the idea07:26
teK_or you come up / find a patch07:27
sepenI'm not sure about this last part :D07:27
teK_if not, no problem. Let's wait for upstream07:27
sepenbut that means that we have an unstable version of libarchive07:28
teK_I thought you dived more deeply into the code07:28
sepencode requires enough time07:28
teK_that's an issue to be discussed if the unstable upstream version fixed the bug. BUT if it does.. we always could extract a patch for our stable version, too :)07:28
teK_yeah and we're maintainers not code contributors07:29
teK_the easiest way would be to ship a repacked .zip file via until the problem is fixed07:31
sepenbsdtar 3.0.0a fixes the problem07:39
sepenjust I built last svn sources (3.0.0a) and the problem dissapeared07:40
sepenthey merged it.
sepenwell, time to go back to home, see ya'07:52
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teK_jue: md5 mismatch for smartmontools14:22
frinnstteK_: you didnt download a html file?14:24
frinnsti take that back, seems it has changed14:24
teK_the .md5 file changed, too14:25
frinnsthmm, two sf-projects with md5 missmatches in one day14:25
* frinnst prepares the tin-foil hat14:25
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