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jueRomster: 2.30 is partly not ABI compatible, see
juethat's the reason why we postponed the update03:30
juethough not sure what's affected03:30
Romsterdamn i don't know what the go is with libsoup it's not stable for some people. i'll have to dig deeper.03:30
Romsterwoudl it be enough if i bumped glib in a chroot and rebuilt everything against that and see what failed to compile? or is it deeper in that they all programs need to be tested for segfaults?03:32
juewhat do the libsoup people say about the problem?03:34
Romsteri haven't asked yet03:36
Romsteri need to do some testing i was just hoping to bump version that may have solved the issue.03:36
jueI guess most other distris are still using 2.8003:36
jueerr, 2.2803:37
jueanother point with 2.30 is, that we need libffi as a new dependecy03:38
jueoc not a big problem at all ;)03:39
Romsterthere must be a patch then... i thought libffi was internal to gcc and shouldn't be exposed?03:39
juesorry, no idea about that03:40
Romstergnu/linux is doing some major changes lately... it's really becoming a pain.03:41
Romster# libffi is internal don't expose it03:41
Romsterat least fruglware remove it.03:41
Romsterpart of gcc.03:41
Romsterhmm my guess is it'll be removed in future fcc versions and depend on this new libffi.03:44
Romsterhard to keep track of all this and work at the same time.03:44
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Romsterseems it's been sneaking it's way into projects though from that list of programs that use it.03:47
Romsteri might be poking in the wrong spot... might be in glib-networking04:03
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jue @all: would be great to have more comments/opinions WRT Michal's rc-ng05:37
tilmani just read (parts of) his mails05:42
tilmantough call :)05:42
frinnstthe work is impressive.. takes dedication to rewrite it :)05:43
mike_kI am not much into stuff, so not in position to have a public opinion here =)05:44
jueyeah, the stuff looks very complicated but very serious as well05:44
frinnstbut its too complex for me.. the real beauty with crux is its simplicity05:44
frinnsti dont want to be too critical and scare him away :)05:44
tilmanmike_k: jue said "@all". you're a part of all :P05:44
juefrinnst: my first thoughts too, but I'd like to have someone who really cares about the whole init/udev/lvm etc. stuff05:47
mike_kyes, real customizers should have an opinion on what it gives them05:48
tilmanteK_: you run lvm, no? ;)05:48
mike_kmaybe forwarding the users ML is not that bad idea05:49
tilmanyup, good idea05:49
jueno objections, but a bit late now?05:51
jueor can we copy the whole thread somehow?05:52
tilmanwe could just post a heads-up message to the users mailing list, refering them to the mailing list archive ;D05:53
jueok, would you mind doing that?05:53
jueor someone else of course?05:53
tilmani can do it later today if nobody beats me to it05:57
juegreat, thanks06:00
juetilman: btw, you remember that we moved glib to core and install the libs into /lib instead of /usr/lib now. The idea was to be ready to build the gudev stuff. But we forgot to move the libraries of libpcre, on which glib depends, to /lib as well. Will do that now ;)06:08
Romsteri havne't looked any furthor than the mailing list so far wthough i have got runit on my system, i can still look over his work when i got time.06:28
Romsterwhen is the next scheduled meeting?06:29
Romsterand i'm very much into lvm and also use mdadm too.06:30
Romster  VG   #PV #LV #SN Attr   VSize VFree06:31
Romster  data   2  10   0 wz--n- 2.72t 748.50g06:31
Romster  fire   1   1   0 wz--n- 1.82t      006:31
Romster2 mdadm raid 1's too.06:31
Romstercan get recommendation from agk himself if you like :)06:34
Romsteri read over the todo list for crux 2.8 i dunno about merging libdevmapper and lvm ports. not everyone uses lvm and if you put that in core then others would expect LUKS and raid in core too.06:35
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teK_I could reenable --enable-static=yes08:09
teK_do you know if this suffices:08:10
teK_NEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/libgcrypt.a08:10
jueteK_: yes, that works08:10
teK_will push. thanks.08:11
Romsteryeah you only need the .a file for the static linking.08:11
jueteK_: thank you :)08:11
Romsterhmm i been meaning to ask are libtool files *.la really necessary still. i read that slackware (i think it was slackware) removed all there la files libtool slaying.08:12
Romsteri can't see how everything works without them.08:12
Romsterand if it would be possible with crux.08:12
Romsterlibtool files have bitten me in the past with some link that does not exist anymore.08:13
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Romsterwould anyone object to me adding a # option like prt-get options are in Pkgfiles but add it after the build function at the bottom for showing the url where i can check for new versions to use with my version sort program, than to have a look up file to translate the source[] to the correct location for those few dynamic urls that have a different location for the file lists?22:02
Romstersome dynamic source[] urls i can already use a few rules to get to the file list so those even fewer need that added to the Pkgfile. the other idea was to use another file in the ports directory and read from that, to save polluting the Pkgfile.22:04
Romsterthe line would be like # filelisturl or some other more appropriate name with like for the extremetuxracer port.22:06
Romsterdoes zip and unzip need to be in core anymore since we are using bsdtar? wouldn't opt be a better choice? I'm asking because gcj uses zip and unzip and if they re going to be moved i'll have to list them in gcj depends on. gcj uses those but does not link to them so that's why i haven't got them listed as there in core currently.22:31

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