IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2011-11-02

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sepenteK_: any idea?
Romsterjust the person i want to see, a improvement to gstreamer, do you want to do the changes or let me maintain gstramer and gst-plugins-base ? nothing major a couple of deps. on ein particular to make it have faster code paths orc05:39
Romsteralso sepen i notice a bunch of your ports need updating and a few in xfce you missed. not so readable atm but i'll have a cleaner version sort later at that location. still work in progress.05:40
sepen  >> 06:54:56 <sepen> Romster: now that you're opt member, feel free to adopt gstreamer and gst-plugins-base05:41
sepenRomster: I read the backlog, thanks for your sort list, but yeah, is a bit unreadable :D05:42
Romsteri had it cleaner than that before i added the extra fileds to debug it more take a look at it later i'll turn off the extra fields again. final version will be able to show "foo 1.2.3 -> 4.5.6"05:44
Romsterand even be able to sed the version= string for you to then go though and test everything.05:44
jueteK_: FYI, you forgot to push the changed .footprint (libgcrypt)06:07
Romstersepen, you probably noticed already that the version sort s at least readable currently, wont show all but it does show a few ports that have newer versions at least.07:13
Romsterdoens't handle version-ed directories yet. should be good when it does.07:17
sepenI wrote a tool some years ago, based on ck4up that does the same though07:18
Romsterdunno how far it goes but perhaps you've done all i've got to complete on this yet?07:24
sepenthe problem is not to write a tool, the problem is to fight with the --strict-diff thing07:24
sepenis the same problem that you can find with remove-old-packages-stored-in-pkgmk_package_dir07:25
Romsterremove-old-packages-stored-in-pkgmk_package_dir is that some script of yours07:28
Romstercheck for every source in every Pkgfile make a list if file does not match any remove it?07:29
Romstereasier than what i'm trying to do. sort all the version strings and i now know of sort -V for version sorting but it makes mistakes on pre rc and a few others on sorting order.07:30
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