IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2011-11-10

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teK_hi ;)04:22
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sepenteK_: ping?10:39
sepenbuilding cyrus-sasl I got "db_berkeley.Tpo': No such file or directory" as filed in FS#251(closed), it needs -j1 to compile reliable, but I don't have the problem on my other desktop box (vmware-esx)10:41
teK_thought that, too10:42
teK_I will have to add -j1 if it fails for *some* people10:42
sepenRomster: cyrus-sasl doesn't not require krb5, just chromium10:42
teK_although this seems quite odd10:42
sepenwell -j1 forces it to only 1 job10:42
teK_I know10:42
teK_ grep Depend cyrus-sasl/Pkgfile10:43
teK_# Depends on: db, openssl10:43
sepenteK_: Romster said that, but its not a cyrus-sasl problem, forget them10:43
sepenjust new chromium release requires krb5 which depends on openldap which depends on cyrus-sasl, this is the right order10:44
sepenteK_: I built cyrus-sasl for fine on my vmware-esx-crux desktop box, but not on my another one10:45
teK_wtf @ openldap10:46
teK_holy cow :D10:46
sepenteK_: if you think you're lost just read the backlog10:46
sepenwe were talking about chromium/krb5 and his deps10:46
teK_as it's a parallel build with -jX I guess it's some sort of timing/performance-dependent and thus not reproducable for everybody10:46
sepenby default pkgmk.conf has -j510:47
teK_it does?10:47
teK_I love chromium but openldap sounds ridiculous ;)10:47
sepenjust try the last build10:48
sepenor read the backlog10:48
sepenkerberos is now a dependency for chromium10:48
teK_thanks for the hint, Romster and sepen10:50
sepenteK_: here is the chromium issue
sepengssapi.h is part of krb510:50
teK_just including gssapi.h and some .la/.so files won't fix the problem elegantly?10:51
sepenteK_: not sure, chromium is like a monster10:51
teK_so I'm glad that you imported it to ports just some days before I could :10:51
teK_thanks buddy10:52
teK_maybe you could consider shipping a prebuild kerberos with chromium just to avoid adding friggling server software to every chromium using client-machine10:52
sepenteK_: also I hosted the package
sepenteK_: that sounds reasonable10:53
sepenI'll try again, but later when being back to home10:53
teK_building is no problem for me but thanks :)10:53
teK_yeah havea nice closing-time ;)10:53
sepenthanks teK_!10:53
sepensee ya'10:53
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frinnstffs, firefox 9.0b110:59
Romsternote i just did a quick build i didn't test it alot.16:03
Romsterbbl work16:04
Romsterfirefox is a joke.19:26
Romsterhmm chromium has missing deps xorg-libxdamage at least testing for more.19:43
Romsteryeah could someone inform that chromium needs xorg-libxdamage as a dependency then it's all good.19:58
RomsterRedundant deps for chromium are: sqlite319:58
RomsterRight is: # Depends on: alsa-lib dbus-glib gtk krb5 libevent libgcrypt nss xorg-libxdamage xorg-libxscrnsaver xorg-libxt xorg-libxtst yasm19:58
Romsterbbl work19:58

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