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jueto prevent the impression that CRUX is dead I'd like to add something like the following to our homepage:03:42
jueOur Timeline shows the task that have been done recently.03:42
juea) make that sense?03:43
jueb) better english03:43
jueoc Timeline is a link to
Romsternot to look naive or anything but anyone that only looks at the news and thinks the project is dead, and not look at the CMS/IRC is a fool.04:25
Romstera time line wouldn't be a bad idea though.04:26
Romsterb needs better English04:26
jueyour suggestion?04:27
juehave to run now, bbl04:30
RomsterI'm not perfect with English either, so idea might be along the lines of: Our release cycle consists of a install CD that we release when major changes have changed, you can see our timeline for recent changes, you can also see the git trees for recent changes. Due to everyone being in different time zones, a reply could be up to 24hours later on IRC.04:32
Romstersomething like that... i didn't give it much thought.04:32
Romsteri'm sure others in here can improve or come up with there own.04:32
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prologicIf you want something that's "perfect" with English - that'd be me :)06:14
prologicok a bit arrogant there I know ... but I do have good written communication skills :)06:14
prologicIn any case, I think we need to release CRUX 2.8 this year, before the year is out06:15
prologiceven if it's just an updated ISO06:15
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Romsterprologic> even if it's just an updated ISO <- last line i got.06:44
prologicwas just saying that I think we should release CRUX 2.8 this year06:44
prologicbefore the year's out06:44
prologicand that I'm actually fairly good at written communication with English :)06:45
Romsterso you would be the better English writer then. so make a paragraph up here for jue to put on the site? was my attempt even ok?06:46
Romsterspotted a few issues with my paragraph too. but surely you can do better.06:47
prologicCRUX is a thriving community of talented individuals maintaining a great distribution of Linux. CRUX plans to continue it's forward momentum keeping up-to-date with all the latest software and packages. Stay tuned for CRUX 2.8, the latest update for 2011.06:50
Romsters/Linux/GNU Linux/g06:51
prologicyeah GNU LInux06:52
Romsterproviding the dev team agree to releasing CRUX 2.8 this year.06:52
prologicjust do it :)06:52
prologicpost an updated ISO with all the latest packages06:52
prologicand add a new new items06:52
prologicdone :)06:52
prologicno need (ihmo) to make maintaining crux harder than it ought to be06:53
RomsterI think they are waiting on glibc issues. and gcc 4.6.1 does break some packages too. as i'm on that gcc version06:53
prologicahh k06:53
prologicwell this is the kind of stuff I'd put on the front page too :006:54
Romsterhonestly we could be releasing a CRUX iso of version 2.7.1 2.7.2 like every quarterly of the year to track new changes to core opt xorg ports. from jaeger's work.06:54
prologicHi folks. Those CRUX enthusiasts out there wanting to try out the latest CRUX, please bare with us as we await upstream to fix several problems with the latest glibc library which is currently breaking some packages. Once resolved, we anticipate releasing CRUX 2.8 with glibc x.y.z and gcc x.y.z.06:55
Romsteror as often as jaeger feels like bootstrapig the iso and making it official than just a personal crux bootstrap06:55
prologicI would agree recommend and agree with this06:55
prologicfaster release cycles06:55
prologicanyway I'm going to bed :)06:56
Romsteryeah that last paragraph gets my approval +106:56
Romsterif my vote means anything :_06:56
Romsterg'ngiht James.06:56
Romsterso can't type g'night.06:57
juenah, sorry, was not clear witch my idea09:39
juethe sentence should not be a new entry of the NEWS section, but in the same line as the "Current release is 2.7"09:41
jueso it reads something like:09:41
jueCurrent release is '''2.7'''. Our Timeline shows the tasks that have been done recently.09:41
juethat's all, not more09:42
jueprologic: 13:15 < prologic> In any case, I think we need to release CRUX 2.8 this year, before the year is out09:56
jueprologic: who is "we"?09:56
juebut I agree that it might be an good idea to release jaeger's iso as something like 2.7.109:58
jueof course if he like's that as well ;)09:59
juebut it would be a bit more work at all, because we need to adjust setup-helper, create the ChangeLog etc.10:00
juehmm, or even not10:01
juenot sure about that10:01
jueTBH, I'm currently not very motivated to do the work10:04
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mike_kjust a timeline link should give accident visitor a hint (at least)10:15
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prologicyeah let's release CRUX 2.7.1 then17:19
prologicat the very least17:19
prologicwhat work is there to do for that?17:19
Romsterjaeger, has the changes to the iso18:03
Romsterif the rest of the dev agree to those.18:03
jaegerI have some already done, they should be reviewed in case I've missed anything. I will check them over and push them18:05
jaegerit will probably be tomorrow, or late tonight, I have to leave soon18:05
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