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teK_jue: tried the upgrade have to retry. :P04:47
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jaegerjue: Should I post a diff from my local iso.git tree or push into a new branch?09:08
juejaeger: I'd suggest to push it to our 2.7 branch, we have a tag for the 2.7 release so it's easy to recover if something went wrong10:54
jaegerWhatever's preferred... I can do either way10:55
jaegerjue: I'll go ahead and do that today, I just tested the ISO and all worked well10:59
juejaeger: great, many thanks, do you have already updated packages.opt and setup-helper?11:00
jaegermy setup-helper isn't updated, will have to check that. I haven't done an upgrade test11:01
jue might be helpfull, but I'll the have some time tomorrow to do that, but it should be easy11:04
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jueat least I'll try to create a new ChangeLog, at all I don't think we should bother too much about the one our another outdated port11:08
juethere are some opt ports that needs an update, but as long as it is easy to do the update via ports, thats not a problem IMO11:09
jaegerI've been meaning to also set up an automated build bot or something for ISOs, I need to figure out a good way to do that11:10
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jaegerSomething I could schedule to build a new one every week or similar11:10
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juejaeger: great idea11:12
jaegerShould I go ahead and push or do you want me to update the setup-helper first?11:13
jueI'll try to automate the changelog building a bit, currently it's some SQL magic, but handwork is needed11:13
juewell, as you like, we can update setup-helper afterwards11:15
jaegerok, I'll go ahead and push so I'm not the only one with the updates11:16
jueteK_: if I can help somehow, just call11:19
jaegerok, back now, had a birthday lunch for a coworker13:07
jaegerI've probably missed something but I don't see it right off13:13
frinnstjaeger: you can nuke xulrunner from the iso13:24
frinnstand nspr/nss13:24
jaegerargh, I thought I already did that13:24
jaegeryeah, they're gone. where do you see them?13:25
frinnstoh, wait13:28
frinnstyeah, it was a red line, didnt wrap and it fell outside the colour13:28
jaegerah, gotcha13:28
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Romsteri would really like to see the dependency xorg-libpciaccess added to mesa3d before the 2.7.1 is released.19:35
Romsteror even rename xorg-libpciaccess to libpciaccess and place it in opt. then add it to mesa3d.19:36

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