IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2011-11-15

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jueRomster: is tilman informed about the issue?09:49
juefrinnst: not sure how to deal with dbus/dbus-glib. Even though firefox no longer depends on it, I tend to _not_ remove both while upgrading to 2.7.109:52
juefrinnst: as contrary to xulrunner, which I'd remove09:54
juejaeger: FYI, I've committed two changes to iso.git10:51
juejaeger: though, handbook and release notes are still at version 2.710:54
jueI think that's ok for the handbook, maybe we should create the 2.7.1 release notes10:55
juemy idea would be to copy the 2.7 release notes and add some blabla about updated packages10:56
jaegerThose changes look fine to me, though I should mirror them in the net-setup-helper10:59
jaegersounds good for release notes10:59
juejaeger: btw, is the net-setup something that works in practice?11:00
jaegerIt has worked for me but not sure if anyone else has tested it11:01
jueok, great feature than11:01
jaegerI think it should get some more testing if it's ever to be made official11:02
jaegerhrmm, I'll fix the kernel mirror, too11:07
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jueteK_: hmm, cannot write to our wiki, I'm able to login but if I try to save a page I get an write error like that:11:45
jueteK_: Cannot write page to Main.ReleaseNotes2-7-111:45
teK_must have screwed something up (although I thought I preserved permissions)12:57
jaegerjue: my buildbot is coming along well, running it through a test build now13:10
jueteK_: nice, works now :)13:24
teK_my bad13:25
juejaeger: great, looks like our 2.7.1 is not too far away ;)13:25
jaegerI suppose I should also look at the 3.0 kernel, haven't even tried it yet13:26
jaegeror 3.1 now that that's available13:26
teK_3.2 will be out soonish? :)13:26
teK_dunno :}13:26
jaegerSeems the odd minor numbers aren't devel anymore13:27
jaegerunless the front page is wrong13:27
teK_nope :)13:27
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Romsterjue, yes but he refuses todo anything about it says on next release 2.815:57
jaegerlooks like we need new source URLs for iproute2, reiserfsprogs, usbutils, and mdadm20:02
jaegerbuildbot fails to download those20:02

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