IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2011-11-16

juejaeger: I hoped that came back some times with that files, but doesn't looks so02:14
juejaeger: will change the URL's to some temporary location02:14
Romsteri can't see why can't host the files at least.02:28
Romstertaking there sweet time.02:28
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frinnstjue: do you use mdadm yourself?04:00
frinnsti found, that removing the udev rules made my life a lot easier with my raid5 setup04:01
juefrinnst: currently not04:04
frinnsti had issues with the raid set to detect a spare drive.. took me *AGES* to figure out that there might be a udev rule messing everything up :D04:04
juefrinnst: might be good reason to test Michal's init, there are some changes wrt md etc04:05
jueI'm running the stuff here without issues04:06
jueyou can use the port I've made for it04:07
juefrinnst: you removed 64-md-raid.rules completely, or only some rules of it?04:21
frinnstcompletely, just to debug04:24
frinnsti've yet to test the init-scripts04:25
juejaeger: done, should work now04:54
Romstermdadm is 404 i'm gonna run my check_source script and see what else i find.05:06
Romsternevermind i was in the wrong directory.05:07
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Romsterresult: HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found05:21
Romstername: module-init-tools05:21
Romsterresult: HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found05:21
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Romstername: nspr05:43
Romsterresult: HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found05:43
Romsterit's now
Romsterrest appear ok05:43
jueRomster: thanks05:50
Romsternp glad to help for a change.05:50
Romsteri don't want to appear as someone everyone wants to avid because of my past.05:50
juejaeger: I've updated ChangeLog for todays changes and fixed get_wiki_release_notes to use version 2.7.106:20
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jaegerdamn it, my buildbot VM crashed due to a storage failure, will try it again13:55
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