IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2011-11-19

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frinnstwtf, 2.7 is over a year old?!08:53
jueindeed, and we missed the 10th anniversary of CRUX10:30
juejaeger: good to hear, is there anything left to do before we can go for a 2.7.1?10:31
jaegerNot that I can think of at the moment10:36
frinnstim preparing a x86_64 build10:37
frinnsta few 404's there though, xfs-utils, util-linux-ng, libcap10:38
frinnstah, new version.. they moved/removed the old tarball10:40
jueyeah, I've updated the ports already but not committed yet10:44
juefrinnst: util-linux-ng should work, I've changed the source URl already10:45
frinnsti suck10:46
frinnstcore-x86_64 :D10:46
frinnstsry for the noise10:49
jaegerjue: Shall I go ahead and build a 2.7.1 release?10:50
juejaeger: you've committed all your changes to iso.git?10:50
juefine, so yes go ahead10:50
jueI've talked with tilman, he likes the idea of a 2.7.110:51
jaegergood :)10:52
jueI'll tag {core,opt}.git for 2.7.1 tomorrow10:53
jaegershould we just leave the ports at 2.7?10:54
jaegerI'm fine with either way, just wonder if it's worth the effort10:54
jueI'd say so, a simple tag at the release point should be good enough10:55
juethat way it's easier to do more x.y.z releases in the future10:56
jaegeryou're right, I misread tag as branch10:56
jueah, ok :)10:57
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Romsterutil-linux-ng name change to util-linux on crux 2.7.1?19:54
Romsterand that dependency fix on mesa3d sorted is about all i can think of.19:54
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