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frinnstRomster: 2.7.1 will still use the 2.7 repo03:51
frinnstso renaming util-linux-ng is still problematic03:52
Romsterdamn but the major anoyance is mesa3d not having a dependency listed that it needs to compile which i keep tripping over in my chroot for testing ports.03:53
Romstertilma_n has gone on vacation or something for port updates lately gtk is out of date ccache and others need bumps unless there is some genuine reason why not to update them.03:54
Romsteri think i'll do it myself make unified diff and put it on the bug tracker i've been asking for weeks now ;/03:55
Romsterother than he said about fixing mesa3d in crux 2.803:55
Romsteropt can depend on xorg repo? for dependencies?03:55
frinnstoh, no04:03
frinnstthe other way around04:03
Romsterso opt can only depend on core and noting else?04:09
Romsterso that means xorg-libpicaccess needs to be renamed to libpicaccess and put into opt. then added to mesa3d as a dependency.04:10
Romsteri guess that has to be done for crux 2.804:10
Romsterand i'll continually keep tripping over that unless i start to shadow that package and maintain it in the chroot myself.04:11
Romsterthe fact it's broken on a depinst isn't good and it's a wont fix until crux 2.8 nothing i can do about it other than to pollute my chroot with my own modifyed mesa3d file.04:12
jueRomster: why should we rename xorg-libpicaccess?04:21
jueor to be precise move it to opt?04:22
frinnstsome port in opt depends on it, iirc04:45
juehmm, nothing that shows up with prt-get dependent04:47
frinnsti forget what it was04:48
frinnstbut its no longer really tied to xorg.. other ports depends on it04:48
* frinnst slaps Romster 04:49
Romstermesa3d depends on it.04:54
Romstercorrect tilma_n said it's not really tied to xorg04:54
juemesa3d is a xorg port, so there's form that side no need to move libpciaccess to opt04:55
jueor do I miss something?04:56
Romsterso mesa3d should be mvoed to xorg repo then that dependency can be added and no port renames need doing that's even easier to do.04:56
jueit _is_ in the xorg repo already04:57
Romsteroh for god sake how did i miss that...then why can't tilman add xorg-libpciaccess05:00
frinnsthm, i thought some other packages depended on it05:00
Romsterand mesa3d needs a version bump too.05:00
Romsteri'm not sure what the problem/issue is :/05:01
frinnsta few xorg ports needs bumps05:01
Romsterwill need to wait for tilman to address the problem.05:01
frinnsttilman busy these days?05:01
Romstertrue and ones in opt of tilman's too, he may be preoccupied with real life and stuff i don't know.05:02
Romsterwhich is fine, and i guess i'm just being a bit too picky about the issues and perhaps i should just file bug reports for everything though i really don't want too do that.05:03
frinnstbugreports ftw.. its easy to forget/miss otherwise05:03
Romsteryeah i will do bug reports was just hoping this could be fixed before crux 2.7.1 is released.05:04
Romsteri've reminded tilman a few times :)05:04
Romsterthough he said wont fix until 2.8 so perhaps there is bigger issues to address.05:05
jueat all i don't see any important/essential fix that needs to be done before 2.7.105:05
jueit might be too late as well, because Matt has built the iso already ;)05:06
Romsteri ws thinking util-linux-ng rename could be done in 2.7.1 but that will most likely be put in 2.8 which is ok, just thought 2.7.1 was a opportunity to do that trivial change.05:06
jueno, the rename must wait for 2.805:07
Romsterbeen a few months i've been prodding every few weeks05:07
frinnstjue: are the repos tagged?05:07
juenot yet, will do ,it later today05:08
Romsteri'll jsut file bug reports for out of date and missing dependency and not bother to remind since then it's tracked.05:08
frinnstok, i just want to make sure the $versions match on the x86_64 iso05:09
jueRomster: rename is never trivial, because it needs manuall user action05:09
juehave to run now, bbl05:10
frinnstill start a iso-build05:10
Romsternot when you use the iso to do the rename though for the normal users they can do it from a README notice or some mailing list entry... we arn't greenhorn users. it should be trivial for all of crux experienced users.05:19
Romsteri thinkin the past some breakage occured on some sysup's having to rebuild libarchive after xz and such other breakages too though those were not renames but broken library links.05:20
tilmanRomster: done, for god's sake!!05:54
Romsterthank you, wish we all could get along and that wasn't so hard to do was it now.06:59
jueRomster: we gain nothing from the rename, so why should we bother now? As I said, it has to wait until 2.809:10
Romsteryeah i know that's ok i really wanted the mesa3d missing dependency added which is now resolved. so i'm happy.09:11
jueok, great :)09:11
Romstertilman, one other ok two ccache gkversion bumps not sure if your super busy or just need a vacation on ports, it's ok if you don't bump them now just when you got time. unless there is some reason why they are at the current versions due to some breakage? second point lua has a mild footprint mismatch i forgot to report this awhile ago and only recently spotted it again.09:18
Romsters/gkversion/gtk version/09:18
Romsteri don't mean to be a pain :/09:19
Romster i'm doing this version sort to be helpful on tracking versions. it's not complete or in it's final form of reporting but it's still ok for seeing some ports that need a bump. this does not mean you have to do it now either :) i know we all have other things than just crux.09:22
Romstergood night and take care.09:23
frinnstjust glanced over the build-terminal11:08
frinnstguess what package was being built..11:08
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acruxgtk was built against cups, thus .footprint has wrong lines13:39
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jaegerhrmm... bootstrap failed due to that gtk footprint mismatch13:45
frinnstasdf, openssl race on make install13:49
frinnstfailed on stage2 :(13:49
jaegerfrinnst: gcc or firefox, I'm guessing :) (on the which was being built comment)13:51
frinnstheh, firefox13:53
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frinnsthad a new look..14:13
jaegersee? hehe14:13
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